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Here are the top 5 tips to discovering great roofing contractors and understanding roofing estimates. Best Way Roofing providing free estimates to all kind of customers especially in Los Angeles CA since 25 years. So, these tips are really gonna help you out.



Tip 1. Ask Friends And Family.
Most individuals say they would want to use a roofer who is prescribed by someone they know and trust. Such a recommendation significantly reduces the probability of a bad encounter. Be that as it may, what If you don’t know anyone who has used a roofer as of late?

Tip 2. Use A Referral Service
You can and should search for a recommendation from another trusted source such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or a contractor’s association in your area, or use a service that pre-screens roofing contractors and schedules free roofing estimates for you. Typically pre-screened contractor referral services survey local contractors in your area for required state license, insurance verification, background check and customer references, all at no cost to you. When you use these kinds of service you can have peace of mind that you’re accepting a roofing estimates from a reputable, quality contractor.

Tip 3. Ask For Proof Of License And Insurance.
Whether you use a free referral service or choose to discover a contractor all alone, you should ask the contractor how long they’ve been in business. Ask the contractor to see any required licenses and verify that the credentials are present and active. Ask for composed proof of the contractor’s personal liability, specialist’s compensation, and property damage insurance and verify that the policies are present and active. You don’t want to be liable for injuries and damages that may happen on your property while they are doing the work you need done.

Tip 4. Ask About Subcontractors
See whether the contractor is going to use any subcontractors. If so, meeting with them is also important. Make sure they have been paid on time by this contractor in the past, and check the subcontractor’s licensing and insurance documentation as well.

Tip 5. Get Several Bids, And If They’re Different, Find out Why
Make sure to get at least three bids. Ask the contractor to explain to you what you are getting at that cost including information about materials and labor. If an offer is substantially higher or lower than another offer, don’t make assumptions. Ask questions and find solutions. You may finish up running with a higher offer once you understand exactly what you’re paying for. You will most likely compare roofing estimates simply after you know exactly what materials and labor each offer includes and you can compare apples to apples.

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